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Short love stor

Katherine Russell Rich spots a Sikh mailman in the middle of Manhattanand gives in to her impulse to speak tohim in Hindi. The mailman is a bit bewildered at the 50-year-old white American woman speaking to him in Hindi, but he politely chats with her for a few minutes.He learns that she is a writer who spent a year in Rajasthan studying advanced Hindi and author of the bookDreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language, which took some six years to write and revise. She has also been fighting breast cancer for more than two decades.”Fighting cancer gave me the courageto start learning a new language when I was 40,” says Rich, who has worked as an editor at magazines includingGQandAllure.In her first bookThe Red Devil: To Hell with Cancer and Back, published to acclaim seven years ago, she wrote about her failed marriage, detection of cancer at age 32, its recurrence five years later, and how she has fought it.Having miraculously survived and at an impasse in her career as a magazine editor, she says she spontaneously accepted a freelance writing assignment fromThe New YorkTimesto go to India and do a story onthe Tibetan spiritual leader, the DalaiLama.”I was thunderstruck by the place (India] and the language,” she says.”I found Hindi to be musical and enchanting. Most people fall in love with a culture and then the language.I started with the languag